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Who doesn't love traveling? Booking your itinerary shouldn't be a hassle and that's what the team at InkHotels believes. They offer a search engine that gives options to search flights, hotels, car rentals and vacation packages. I was given the privilege of designing their homepage and landing pages. InkHotels was a partner with Priceline so they used their booking agent as the backend. Through the design template I built for them, I emphasized the use of their toll-free number to assist with making easier bookings which would translate into higher conversions.

Web Development, Web Design

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery

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What They Wanted
Initially, they wanted to build a PHP application using APIs brought in from Priceline. The task was a mighty one and would require a lot more time and resources which they didn't have at the time so we collaborated and decided that we can white label + design our own front-end.

Backend Customization
InkHotels was a partner of Priceline so they used their software as a backend. I integrated some of the design that was capable of being interjoined. The rest was under the guidance and supervision of the IT team at Priceline.






New York City


Sep 2016 - Jan 2017

Final words

I'm a travel fanatic. If you know me, you'll know that I love two things in life: travel and real estate. What I loved about this project was the fact that I had to do research into the browsing and click behaviors of consumers that search for travel intineraries. It's like studying a week early for an exam vs. diving right into it or procastinating last minute to study. After a few short tests, it all came together. Overall, I think the result spoke for itself.